Who’s participating in In Bloom? We’re sharing a directory of all performers, guests, artists and participants below to facilitate connections and community. All participants listed somewhat alphabetically and updated often.

Reach out, say hi, set up a meeting, puff and pass.


Alberta Poon
Director, Writer, Content Creator

Alyson Eastman
Co-founder, Remedy Plant Lab

Anja Charbonneau
Founder, Broccoli

Anna Duff
Intrepid Hearts

Annie Lindsey
Graphic Design Student

April Brimer
The Pursuits of Happiness

Ashley Powell
Photographer, Tokeativity/ Ashley Mack Photography

Amy Zimmerman
Marketing manager, Tokeativity @amymothercraft

Amy Whitenack
Asst Talent Buyer, Monqui Presents

Avery Scott
Founder, Puff and Create

Ariel Zimman
Founder, Stonedware @stonedwarecompany

Brett Ramsay
Art Director, Tokyo Smoke Brands

Brooke Johnson
Creative Director of Copy, Crude


Jamie Boling
Co-founder, Dogwood Botanicals

Jennifer James Wright Designer, Broccoli

Jessica Gray
Director of Partnerships, Broccoli

Justin Lamar

Karina Primelles
Co-founder, Xula CBD @xulacbd

Katie Skinner
Senior Marketing Manager, Events + Partnerships, Old Pal

Karamvir Bhatti

Kyle Wagner
CBD Business Owner, Future World Healing

Kayleigh Donahue
Director, Business Development & Licensing, Kiaro

Lauren Tussey
Editorial Assistant, Broccoli

Marina De Salis
Canna Curious Club

Meryl Montgomery
Co-founder, Barbari & Partnerships Manager, Broccoli

Michelle Mendoza
Manager, LAPCG

Nina Fern
Founder, The Highly @thehighly_

Paul Mereau
Lawyer, Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP

Pavel Cherny
The Pursuits of Happiness

Sarah Baker
Creative Producer

Stephanie Madewell
Editor, Broccoli

Shanelly Pena
Co-founder, Higher Dining

Tiara Darnell
Multimedia Journalist & Host/Producer of High, Good People

Tina Snow Le
Founder, Earth to Her

Timothy Blanchard
DJ, Stylist

Tracy Anderson

Thomas Bucka
Brand Marketing Manager, Eaze Technologies

Unity Whittaker
Curator, Village Bloomery

flower yellow.png

Allison Pankow
VP of Marketing, Old Pal @allison_pankow

Cambria Benson
Founder & Brand Director, Serra

Candice Wu
Founder, Flower Market

Charlotte Palermino
Co-founder, Nice Paper

Chelsea Leyland
Epilepsy & Medical Cannabis Activist

Carrie Soloman
CEO, Greater Goods

Colleen King
Founder, Sourceress

Christopher Trout
CoFounder, Director of Creative & Editorial, Grass

Christine Yi
Co-founder, Potli

Christa (Coco) Madrid
Plus Model, House of Coco

Casey Wiser

Calan Wilson
CEO + Founder, GreenThumb @calanmalyn

Caitlin Moore
Brand Ambassador, Leif Goods

Danielle Solis
Producer, The Brigade

Deaglan Daugherty
Co-founder, Fine Healing Goods

Imelda Walavalkar

Jarina De Marco
Artist, Activist, Visual Artist @jarinademarco

Jacqueline Forte @jacquelineforte12

Jeniffer Ibarra
Content Manager

Jennifer Calloway

Jennifer Seo
Manager, LAPCG

Jenny Wichman
Founder, Yew Yew

Jewel Loree
Senior Product Manager, Headset

Josephine Yang

Jeffrey Tang
Creative Director, Crude @jeffreyatang

Jody Ake
Owner, Leif Goods

Jillian Barthold
Illustrator/Artist, Fruit Salad Club

Kieryn Wang
Owner, ALMOSTCONSULTING @almostconsulting

Kat Houser
Owner, Urban Smoke Signals Denver

Lauren Yoshiko
Journalist & Contributing Editor, Broccoli

Lian Han
Founder, Flower Market

Liv Vasquez
Cannabis chef/educator, Livviesmalls Events

Multi-disciplinary artist

Mary Pryor
Co-founder & CEO, Cannaclusive

Meryl Pritchard
Co-founder, Remedy Plant Lab

Mel Suchowolec

Michelle Gonzales

My Thai
Co-founder, Calivolve

Paige Greene

Zoe Sigman
Program Director, Project CBD & Science Editor, Broccoli @zoe_sigman


Danniel Swatosh
Co-Founder + Cannavist, Humble Bloom

Daniel Okorn
Head of Experiential Marketing, Tokyo Smoke Brands

Denise Cartwright
Founder & CEO, Crude @dkcartwright

Danisha Pena
Co-founder, Higher Dining

Daisy Warren
Writer and model, MUSE

Ellen Freeman
Deputy Editor, Broccoli

Emily McCarter
Social Media Content Marketer

Emily Curry
Director of Client Services, The Brigade

Emily McDermott
Lawyer, Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP

Esther Lenoir
Founder & CEO, Session Goods

Erin Randles
Community Manager, Tokyo Smoke Brands

Felicity Chen
Co-founder, Potli

Gabi Villaseñor
Set Designer

Geraldine Mae Cueva
Marketing Director @artandtimesofchill

Gigi Ferrero
Intrepid Hearts

Greg Fischer
Brand Manager, Eaze Technologies

Heather Larimer
Chief Marketing Officer, 1906

Hannah King
Videorapher, We Film Stuff

flower yellow.png

Kassia Graham
National Project Leader, Cannaclusive

Lauren Rodman
Strategist, Crude

Lisa Snyder
Founder and CEO, Tokeativity

Lisa Koluvek

Lucia Stephen
Aurora Cannabis

Lilly Cabral
Co-founder, Calivolve

Mennlay Aggrey
Author & Cannabis Creative

Mary Aldon
Senior Marketing Manager, Crude

Nichole Graf
Co-founder, Raven Grass @ravengrass

Rachel Daugherty
Founder, Fine Healing Goods @finehealinggoods

Reena Karia
CoFounder, Director of Brand & Design, Grass

Rachel Hirschey
Marketing Director, Starbuds

Solonje Burnett
Co-Founder + Cannavist, Humble Bloom

Samantha Montanaro
COO, Tokeativity

Samantha Shearn

Sarah Lesher

Siera Shrout
Art Director, Roze Volca

Tianna Jones
Sr Field Marketing Manager, Bloom Farms

Victoria Ashley
Founder, Laundry Day

Musician + Visual Artist

Whitney Adrian
Social Media Content Marketer